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Work out in a group is funny and popular, this system offers a scientific way of managing the group fitness training, supports wide variety of sessions including cycling, jumping rope, heart rate training. The individual training data is collected and showed in different color, so it’s very easy to monitor by the coach or the trainers.

   Main Function: Group fitness management for heart rate training, jump rope,
                                   bike cadence    Session Management:The coach can create a session, add user to the session,
                                                  check every single user’s training data on the go and in
   Device Management: Every single unit have a unique ID.    Monitoring terminal: iPad, TV*
   Parameters Monitored: Heart Rate Training: Heart rate, percentage to the maximum heart rate
                                                  Jump Rope: Frequency of jumping, total skips, heart rate, percentage to the maximum heart rate
                                                  Cycling: Cadence of cycling, heart rate, percentage to the maximum heart rate  
   Color Indicator: Red: 90%~100% maximum heart rate
                                     Orange: 80%~90% maximum heart rate
                                     Green: 70%~80% maximum heart rate
                                     Blue: 60%~70% maximum heart rate
                                     Grey: ~60% maximum heart rate
   History: Period in each heart rate zone, average heart rate, average cadence(cycling), average frequency of skipping and total skips(jump rope).

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