ALCON Double Sided Foam Band (Black)

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Product Code: M-6310/6350

ALCON Double Sided Foam Band (Black)
As our bands have adhesive in both surfaces they called double-sided bands. They are used for adhering two different surfaces. The main material of this product is EVA foam and produced with the following sizes:
M-6310 ALCON Double Sided Band 10mmx10m
M-6315 ALCON Double Sided Band 15mmx10m
M-6320 ALCON Double Sided Band 20mmx10m
M-6325 ALCON Double Sided Band 25mmx10m
M-6330 ALCON Double Sided Band 30mmx10m
M-6340 ALCON Double Sided Band 40mmx10m
M-6350 ALCON Double Sided Band 50mmx10m
Usage Areas: High performance in internal applications. High adhesion
Wall thickness: :  1.0 mm
Adhesion:                            11, 50 (N/25mm)
Working Temperature:       100 °C
Package= 170 items M-6310
Package = 150 items M-6315  
Package = 100 items M-6320  
Package =   70 items M-6325  
Package =   60 items M-6330  
Package =   50 items M-6340  
Package =   35 items M-6350

İstanbul Office & Advertising ALCON Double Sided Foam Band (Black) Office Equipments Office Equipments-Turkey

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