Purgène Menopause Intimate Gel pH=6.8 (200ml)

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 Purgène Menopause Intimate Gel pH=6.8

Purgène Menopause Intimate Gel is enhanced suitably with pH balance of menopausal women genital area.It provides hygiene in the menopousal women genital area by pH:6,8 formula.It helps to prevent formation of bacteria, fungi and eliminate current,itching, burning, bad odor.Also provide complemantory care to other gynecological treatments.Purgène Menopause Intimate Gel does not contain paraben, soap, allergen fragrances and alcohol.Suitable for use with condom.

İstanbul Health & Beauty Purgène Menopause Intimate Gel pH=6.8 (200ml) Female care and hygiene Female care and hygiene-Turkey


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