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This pillow was manufactured entirely in Italy employing the most advanced technologies, combined with the skilled craftmanship of our specialized staff.

With our signature we can guarantee for this quality choice entirely from Italy.

It was developed with the use Viscolattice® MEMORY produced in Italy. Thanks to its properties of density as well as thermosensitivity, it allows for an ideal rest granting the maximum comfort. In fact, its material adapts perfectly to the form of your head, by correctly supporting its shape and going back to the original shape in a slow and controlled way (MEMORY FORM effect).

The normal movements of the head work in order to create a massage that activates blood microcirculation. The pressure on the cones creates an air movement with a fresh as well perspirant effect.

By continuously researching more innovative and better performing fibers, we created Microlen®, a highly thin and soft fiber. Thanks to Microlen® your rest will always be pleasant. Microlen® is perspirant microfiber that provides you with the maximum comfort, for those who seek a high-quality pillow.

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