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Limes have an odour similar to lemon but fresher. The juice is as sour as lemon, more aromatic and slightly bitter.

Lime juice gives an exotic touch to refreshing drinks and cocktails, is delicious in marinades, dressings, guacamole, curries and oriental dishes, sorbets, jams and lime pie.

Like lemon juice, lime juice is naturally rich in vitamin C. Lime is famous for the role it played in curing 18th century English sailors becoming known as “limeys”. Scurvy was the plague of sailors until it was discovered that when they received a ration of one lime a day it stopped, and so they earned the nickname “limeys”. While they knew it worked , they did not know why, until scientists discovered vitamin C in 1923 and figured out that it was the vitamin C in the fruit that gave them protection against the disease.

There are essentially two species of limes in common use: the large-fruited Tahitian (‘Persian’) lime and the smaller Mexican (‘Key’) lime.

The Mexican lime has a special bouquet and unique flavour. It is highly aromatic and more intensely flavoured than the Tahitian lime. Mexican limes are however in much shorter supply than Tahitian limes and do not store as well since they dry out quickly.

For ‘ReaLime’ lime juice, only the high quality Mexican limes are used.

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