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‘ReaLemon’ lemon juice has the same characteristics and usability of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

30 ml of ‘ReaLemon’ equals the juice of 1 lemon, so a 250ml bottle contains the juice of approximately 8 lemons.

It is ideal to flavour your sauces and salad dressings, marinades, fish and seafood. It is ideal to use in cold or hot drinks and in preparing delicious desserts. According to good English ‘Pancake’ day tradition, ‘ReaLemon’ is delicious when poured over your pancakes with white sugar.

‘ReaLemon’ is rich naturally in Vitamin C. A minimum level of 150 mg Vitamin C/liter is the legal requirement for pre-packed lemon juice kept until the best before date mentioned. To meet this requirement and avoid oxidation and loss of vitamin C, we make use of glass and PET bottles with oxygen barriers.

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