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Red lentils are dried seeds of crustaceans from the legume group. Lentils are indispensable in Mediterranean, Middle East and India to be an ingredient in the food. At the same time, it has a high nutritional value and rich in taste as well. Legumes with low fat and high protein content have a soluble and insoluble fibrous structure. It is also rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.
Red Lentils
Annual Production 450.000 - 800.000 Tons
Harvest June - July
Qalities Red Whole Lentils (With Husk) 3% Impurity
1% Impurity
0.25% Impurity
Qualities Red Whole Lentils (Without Husk) 1% Impurity + 1% Husk
Sortex (0+0)
Qualities Red Split Lentils 2% Impurity + 2% Husk (2+2)
1% Impurity + 1% Husk (1+1)
0.5% Impurity + 0.5 Husk (0.5+0.5)
Sortex (0+0)

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