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Polylysine ( E -poly-L-lysine, referred to as E -PL) is a kind of Streptomyces albus ( of Streptomyces albulus production) of fermented polymer with monomers contain 25 to 35 lysine residues L- , Gram-positive and negative bacteria, yeasts, molds, viruses have obvious inhibitory effect, widely used in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical products. The product can be completely digested and absorbed by human body and decomposed into necessary lysine for the human body without any side effects.


1. Broad-spectrum antibacterial: effectively inhibit Gram-positive and -negative bacteria, yeasts, molds, viruses and other microorganisms.

2 thermal stability: high temperature environment (120 o C for 60 minutes) does not break down, can inhibit the heat-resistant bacteria, it can join the heat treatment, and raw materials together with the production.

3. Solubility: ?-polylysine soluble in water, colorless, tasteless, does not affect the food flavor.

4.pH wide range of uses: Under the conditions of pH 2-9, polylysine broad-spectrum bactericidal effect to make up for the other preservatives in neutral and alkaline conditions, the shortcomings of low activity.

5. Synergistic effect: ?-PL as a new type of food fungicide can be used alone with other food additives, such as vinegar, ethanol, vitamins, glycine, organic acids and so on, and can greatly enhance the use of ? - PL bactericidal ability.

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