Polyglycerol ricinoleate

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Traits: yellow viscous liquid, insoluble in cold water and ethanol, soluble in hot oil, non-ionic water in oil ( W / O ) emulsifier.

Features and Applications

No bad smell, with good thermal stability.

? for chocolate, add a small amount can significantly improve the liquidity of chocolate products, saving the amount of cocoa butter.

? speed up the filling process of chocolate and its products, optimize the process, and make it easy to produce small bubbles

In the discharge, to avoid the appearance of hollow products and stomatal phenomenon.

? mixed with lecithin, has a good synergistic effect, can reduce the thickness of the chocolate coating, easy to improve


? in wet conditions can reduce the viscosity. The ice cream chocolate candy quickly formed. And speed up its adhesion

Sex, increase adhesion, reduce micro-stoma.

5. The oil-like fat emulsion products uniform, stable, improve the functionality of oil.

How to use and use:

For cocoa products, chocolate and its products, candy, chocolate products, ice cream coating. The biggest one

The amount of 5.0g / Kg , water-fat emulsified products, the maximum amount of 10g / Kg .

Quality Index

Polyglycerol (dimer, trimer and tetraglycerol) (w /% )


Polyglycerol (above heptaglycerol) (w /%)


Lead (Pb) / (mg / kg)



Plastic barrel or plastic coated iron drum, net weight 25Kg , 180Kg .

Storage and transportation:

Sealed and stored at low temperatures, dry, cool and ventilated place, should not stand inverted. Prohibited and flammable, toxic and hazardous materials mixed storage transport. Unopened storage period of twelve months

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