Distillate monoglycerides

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Characters : milky white powder or granular solid, insoluble in cold water, mixed with hot water and strong turbulent dispersion can be dispersed in hot water, soluble in oils and organic solvents, is a nonionic emulsifier, HLB value of 3.8 to 5.3. Features and Applications : This product is a highly effective emulsifier, emulsifying, dispersing, stabilizing, foaming, defoaming and anti-aging effects of starch.

?In ice cream, to prevent the formation of coarse ice crystals, so delicate tissue, improve product shape and mouth melt.

? in fat and protein drinks, can significantly improve the stability of the system to prevent the precipitation stratification.

? This product can form a complex with protein and starch, to prevent the aging of starch, increase bread size, improve tissue structure, extend the shelf life.

? in the margarine, whipped cream, shortening, powder oil, the control and stability of oil crystallization, prevent oil stratification, improve quality.

? candy, chocolate production can make sugar and fat quickly mix raw materials to prevent wrinkles, granulation and oil and other phenomena.

How to use :

? This product and flour products are mixed directly use. After melting with hot grease, other materials are processed further.

? This product was added to 6 times the hot water at about 70 ?, made of paste, then further processing.

Recommended dosage:

Cream and raw wet noodle products, according to production needs appropriate use, for other aspects can refer to GB2760- 2011 )

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