Diacetyl tartaric acid mono and diglycerides

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? chemical name:

Diacetyl tartaric acid diglyceride (DATEM)

? traits:

Milky white powder or granular solid, can be dispersed in hot water, miscible with fat, soluble in ethanol, propylene glycol and other organic solvents.

? standard specifications:

The product complies with: National Food Safety Standard Food Additives Mono / diglycerides diacetyl tartrate GB25539

? Product Model :

Diacetyl tartaric acid mono and diglycerides


Emulsifier (food grade)

Baking, pasta, dairy products, creamer, ice cream, grease

? Features and Applications :

With emulsification, stability, anti-aging, preservation and so on. Used in bread, cakes, butter, hydrogenated vegetable oil, creamer and other products.

1. To improve the emulsifying properties, to prevent oil and water separation, used as emulsifiers and dispersants.

2. Increase the dough gluten power, increase the volume, improve the structure, soft texture, prevent aging.

3. Form a complex with starch to prevent swelling loss of starch, improve starch gelatinization characteristics.

4. For the end of fat, improve emulsion stability, prevent oil and water separation. For cream, cream creamy and delicate.

? Usage and dosage:

1. This product is added to the water above 60 ?, stirring to disperse or dissolve after use or join the product mix. As this product is soluble in oil, this product can also be heated and dissolved before use.

2. According to GB2760 \"food additive use standards\" provisions.

? Packaging:

Net weight: 25kg / box

? storage and transportation:

Sealed and stored in a cool, dry, cool and ventilated place to prevent moisture absorption caking. Prohibited and flammable, toxic and hazardous substances mixed storage transport. Unopened storage period of twelve months.

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